Course Requirements

Engineering and Business for Sustainability – Certificate Program at the University of California, Berkeley

EBS Certificate Program Course Requirements

To earn the EBS Certificate, eligible students must meet the following course requirements during their graduate studies at UC Berkeley:

1) Complete a minimum of 3 course units in at least 3 of the following four EBS thematic course areas to ensure adequate breadth of training:
(I) Methods and Tools of Engineering for Sustainable Systems
(II) Products, Processes, and Services
(III) Management, Strategy, Economics and Risk
(IV) Policy and Systems

The current list of EBS-approved courses in each thematic course area is provided on the Courses page.

Important notes:

  • Only those courses listed on the EBS-approved course list can be applied for credit toward the EBS Certificate. No course substitutions are allowed.
  • All EBS-approved courses must be taken for a letter grade.
  • A minimum course grade of “B” is required for credit toward the EBS Certificate.
  • A maximum of 3 units may be from EBS-approved undergraduate courses.
  • If you took any of the EBS-approved courses as an undergraduate at UC Berkeley, you may count one 3-unit course towards the EBS Certificate.
  • For most students, the EBS course requirements can be met by completing a total of 3 courses. However, because there may be 2-unit courses on the EBS-approved course list, more than 3 courses may be necessary to meet the minimum requirement of 3 course units in 3 different EBS thematic course areas.